Below is the link to the Winter Sports Listings

2019-20 Winter PSAL Sports Schedule


As a reminder, any student who wants to participate in PSAL athletics must meet the eligibility requirements as outlined at psal.org and complete the necessary physical examination form and parent consent.

Below are major points to be sure to follow for easy and sure acceptance of complete PSAL paperwork:

  • All forms need to be completed in pen

  • All completed forms need to be originals.  If it is a copy, faxed copy, or scanned copy directly from a doctor’s office, then it needs to include the fax cover sheet or email that came with it.

  • Parent consent form needs to include all initials and be fully complete for acceptance

  • Parent consent forms can only list one sport, if the student-athlete is trying out for or joining multiple sports in a year, they must use separate forms for each sport

  • The parent consent form needs to be dated for after 7/1/2019.  The DOE school year begins 7/1 and cannot be accepted for dates before.

  • The physical form must include

    • A doctor’s stamp

    • registry number

    • date

    • and signature

  • Physicals are valid for one year and until the end of that month (ex. 8/4/19 physical is valid until 8/31/20) and can be used for multiple sports

  • We cannot accept the Department of Health form that many doctor offices give out, all information must be included on the PSAL form

Here is the link for additional copies of each form:

Parent Consent Form

Medical Form

All of this information comes directly from PSAL, who audits us each season.  Failure to comply can result in a forfeit of games where an ineligible student participated.

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